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    Say goodbye to those long delays and body shop prices. Call Autotouch today and restore your car's appearance and value without ever leaving your driveway! You’ll be glad you did!

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    A body shop may not always be the best solution for upgrading your car's appearance. The convenience of our repairs and the fact that they take far less time than waiting behind a line of cars at your neighborhood body shop means you can spend more time doing the things you want.

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  • Bumper Repair

    Get your car's bumper repaired
    in your driveway with
    body shop results!

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Bumper Repair

Amazing bumper repairs you won't believe!

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Paint Touch-Up

Scratch and chip repair that make your paint like new.

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Glass Repair & Headlight Repair

Headlight and Windshield repairs help increase visibility on the road.

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What Can Autotouch Do For You?

Expert Mobile Auto Repair Service Autotouch specializes in a full range of exterior repairs, providing a bumper to bumper, complete mobile make-over for your car. Your time is valuable and what Autotouch offers is an alternative to losing your car to a body shop for several days, at a fraction of the cost. By coming to your home and fixing minor exterior damage, we can restore the appearance of your car without ever leaving your driveway. 


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“Autotouch has the "touch". Wonderful results, always on time. My neighbors and I have used Autotouch for years and are always more than pleased.”

Sheldon S. Oxnard, CA